Commercial Photographer Alex Bamford is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From his project ‘The Brunswick Set’  .  To see Alex’s body of work click on any image.





Brunswick Square in Hove was built in the 1830’s as a fashionable home to Lords and Ladies. This project documents today’s residents and shows how these once grand houses have been adapted for modern living.





After being made redundant from my job in London, I was working from home and wanted to meet my neighbors in Brunswick Square, a beautiful Grade 1 listed Regency development in Brighton on England’s south coast. I was brought up in small villages and I had romantic notions of being able to say hello to everyone I met so I sent a call out for a new portrait project using a picture of David Hockney’s “Mr and Mrs Clark with Percy” as visual reference. I’ve now shot 35 portraits in the series, made many friends and picked up a few commissions on the way. There are roughly 350 flats in the square so although my dream of being able to say hello to everyone is a long way off, I certainly feel like I belong here.





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By Alex Bamford