Visual Artist Maha Alasaker is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this portrait/social documentary photography.  From her project ‘Women Of Kuwait‘. To see Maha’s body of work click on any image.


Dalal Almohanna, 24, Single, Hula-Hooper ( 2016)
Being a Kuwaiti woman is a blessing & a curse. Women are definitely not equal to men, especially when it comes to social & legal matters. However, this doesn’t reflect on the importance women have in Kuwait’s society. This importance is even more evident now, as Kuwait is in need of an awakening simultaneously as women are given more freedom to be their great selves.


Tamara Qabazard, 29, Single, Veterinarian at Kuwait Zoo (2017)
I think women in Kuwait have more equality to men than women in other Gulf countries. Yet we still carry the burden of shame (this is a universal problem). Women in powerful or influential positions are seen as threats to the fragile male ego. Furthermore, we still cannot pass on our citizenship to our children.


Djinane Alsuwayeh, 29, Single, art director and photographer (2015)
Woman are not equal to men… You see it every day in the way kids are being raised, at work and in conversations. I don’t consider myself a Kuwaiti woman, as I have a whole other half in my blood. I can tell you how it feels to be me; love in the soul.


From the time I went to New York City four years ago, people have always been asking about my identity, and how I am what I am?! Their general social stigmas for the Middle Eastern women made them believe that women are constrained in Kuwait. This work is portraying Kuwaiti women inside their sleeping room.  The most private space, where they can be the rawest version of themselves. These are the real faces of the women of Kuwait.


Noha Al-Mansour, 43, Divorced / Mother of Three, Economist at the Supreme Council for Planning and Development and Fashion Designer (2017)
Being a Kuwaiti woman is a source of pride. We are educated, elegant, smart and creative.
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Maryam Al-Nusif, 35, Single, Chef and Gardener (2017)
Kuwaiti women are champions, I think they are more blessed than others. All the limitations and obstacles in their way strengthen their determination, empathy, and compassion.


Haneen Alasaker, 41, Single mother, Financial Researcher (2015)
Women and men are equal in Kuwait. I think Kuwaiti woman is strong, stylish and intellectual.


Amnah Al-Mutawa, 31, Divorced, Orthodontist (2017)
Kuwaiti women are Bold. Proud to be a Kuwaiti woman yet facing difficulties in balancing traditions and the modern definition of equal rights.


Deema Al-Ghunaim, 32, Not married, Architect (2017)
Growing up, I didn’t have a problem expressing myself, but being in a communal environment taught me different views about individuality and independence, as well as many communication skills.


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By Maha Alasaker