Photographer Thomas Bouquin is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From his ongoing series ‘Spirit In The Night’.  To see Thomas’ body of work click on any image.





Spirit in the Night is a personal portrait of Montreal made during night wanderings.

A few years after I’ve emigrated from France to Montreal, I lost the sense of discovery. To transcend the everyday life monotony, through walking and photography, I roamed the city at night. In my spirit, the night is very linked to joyful memories, looking at city lights through the back seat windows during night family drives.

Here, light embodies a strange and fictitious atmosphere, which sublimates the silence of urban banality, thus exposing the signs of Montreal vernacular landscape. These industrial, commercial and residential spaces reveal the human activity, emphasizing the place of architecture and luminous signs in individual daily life and in collective memory. By documenting these places at night, I seek to create a new but familiar reading of the city.

These images aim to connect the analytical consciousness of adults with the memories of childhood, thus building a visual territory that aim to magnify the experience of everyday life.








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