Every American should be concerned. Deeply Concerned! The very fabric of the freedom of the United States of America is completely at risk. What is causing this cataclysmic collapse of the Democracy of this country? The answer is money. A ton of money is being used by some extremely wealthy beyond imagination billionaires, whose goal is to use their unlimited deep pockets to destroy the core of the political system of America.

Historically,  large corporations and very wealthy individuals in the United States have increasingly thru political connections and the use of paid lobbyists, have been able to sway the direction of the country. Alarmingly, since 2010, when the US Supreme Court gave their blessing of Super PACs in the Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission case; and the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia also gave their blessing in the SpeechNow.org vs Federal Election Commission case; the rapid deterioration and bastardization of the democratic process has gone to stratospheric levels.

Every election the breakdown of Democracy is being pushed further into extinction, by these billionaire’s intent on controlling the masses, by opening their wallets and the throwing of millions of dollars towards Super PACs that push for interests of their choosing. This off the rails wholesale purchasing of Democracy has become a nightmare scenario that must be causing the founding fathers of America’s constitution to turn over in their graves. Some billionaires and Super PACs are creating a winner take all political system that is mowing over every average Americans vote.

Monumental amounts of cash is being thrown behind Super PACs that under the disguise of these PACs assist political candidates of these parasitic billionaires choosing. Mass media advertising, armies of paid consultants, and foot soldiers, to spread the billionaires so called gospel of truth of what is needed for America. Also, every American pion should be eternally grateful that these masters will guide the country for everyone. Trainloads of cold hard cash thrown out on the political landscape are turning Democracy on its head, while the supreme law of the land continues to allow the train to leave  and the average working stiff is left behind at the station.

These super rich hide in deep dark cavernous shadows, far away from the general population. They live in a multitude of expensive homes spread across the world. Their wealth is scattered thru their various companies and bank accounts across the globe. These highly prosperous individuals live on another level with private planes and a battery of lawyers and bean counters squeezing every last slice of profit in their financial transactions. Capitalism is fantastic and it is the backbone of America, but some power hungry billionaires using their enormous wealth to control the American people like pawns, on a chessboard, is flat wrong.

Meanwhile, many politicians are making their pilgrimage to billionaire kingdoms, to pay homage to these almighty rich masters, sitting on their thrones. It is truly a sad and pitiful scene observing current and wannabe politicians grovelling at the feet and sucking the kneecaps of the billionaires hoping and praying that the Super PAC controlled by that certain billionaire will spread its tentacles out to destroy the lucky politicians’ opponent. These Super PACs will also allow the chosen politician to rise up as puppets on the billionaire’s strings to do the bidding of their masters by selling their souls to get into or stay in power.  After the politicians win the election, the American people who were only used for their votes, are cast aside like garbage, into the deep dark sea.

What is the motivation of these billionaire kings who have thrown their economic muscle behind slippery shadowy clandestine Super PACs?

  1. Is it just greed?
  2. Is it power?

Yes, greed but mostly power! Not just any power, but megalomania absolute control over not only the scrambling bottom feeding politicians, but total domination over all sectors of American institutions and the American people. The average American worker is already being thrown a bone here and a bone there and just trying to survive financially, but now these arrogant rich and powerful behind their silk curtains strive to become phantom dictators that will reign over every aspect of every Americans life.

  1. Is it another even much more sinister motive that could be seen as non-American and unpatriotic, in the form of a possible allegiance to other countries interests, at the expense of America?

If it could be proved that the motivation in spending millions of dollars to purchase national election outcomes and placing subservient politicians in power so that America’s Foreign Policy can be tilted towards greatly assisting another country, without benefit to the United States and maybe even harming America, than this act would be most treacherous and possibly even treasonous.  Unfortunately, who knows what is being discussed in the conversations taking place behind closed doors while sipping expensive liquors and smoking handmade cigars. At this point, the American public can only continue to watch sometimes in total amazement as certain federally elected officials vote on and discuss in the media international issues in relation to the United States interests. Regrettably, the average overworked squeezed person in America barely has time to sleep let alone keep abreast of all the details and nuances of the political decisions and legislation being done in Washington. Further, the government has a habit of scaring the daylights out of the population, by taking the country to the brink, with such issues as the debt ceiling, and thus creating diversions to other matters that are taking place, that effect the country domestically and internationally.

In conclusion, just because it is legal on paper does not make it right. The high stakes under the table horse-trading affecting the lives of the American people needs to stop. Existing laws need to be immediately changed that will eliminate a few super rich individuals from buying the heart of what makes America the land the free. Democracy and freedom is at stake! The blood sucking parasitic megalomaniac billionaires trying to purchase the freedom of every person in the United States should crawl back into their caves and be confined to only controlling gigantic chunks of the wealth of the universe, not commandeering the entire democratic system of America .


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