I have been pickpocketed in Guatemala, watch torn off my wrist in Peru, boots stolen in Brazil , and my backpack sliced open with a razor blade in Equator. These examples, are all small fry crime, in Central and South America.


Latin America has the largest murder rate on the planet.


The statistics:

  1. Everyday more than 400 people killed in region
  2. Latin America has roughly 33% of world’s murders
  3. 1 in 4 murders worldwide occur in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Columbia
  4. 43 out of 50 most murderous cities
  5. All top 10 murder cities occur in Latin America according to Igarape Institute, Brazil Think Tank
  6. Murder in Latin America grew to 3.7% of population since year 2000

Source: The Wall Street Journal


Edge of Humanity Magazine’s Prediction: Latin America will continue to be a violent place to live. Changes could take a full generation. The privileged will go on taking everything short of the floor boards, by sucking out the resources, controlling the financial sector, land, and medium and large businesses. They also are able to send their children to the best universities around the world. The young adults step right into a silver spoon existence. Walls and iron gates around the homes can be built, but still no safety on the streets. Further, cash will continue to flow overseas to places like Miami, and invested safely into real estate and other financial instruments. On the other hand, the less privileged will continue to be left behind, with very little opportunity or education. Advancement in gangs and petty street crime are the quick fix violent solutions for the less privileged children. Poverty leads to no hope to rise up in society.



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