Why do people cling so much to power? From kings to presidents to prime ministers to dictators to CEO’s of public companies, all the way down to the average boss, or just someone who is a gatekeeper, power is the drug that flows thru the veins, and motivates some people to do most anything to stay in power. Money many times is a contributing factor for a person to hold on tightly to their position. Corrupt officials worldwide need to stay in power in order to continue the flow of cash being diverted to themselves and their cronies. However, other times money is not a factor at all and it’s totally just about power over other people.

How many times have you had to deal with a person who is working in government or in a position of authority that takes advantage of their power just because they are able to do so? A little squeeze of the public here and a little push there and that lower level bureaucrat goes about their life tormenting the people they come into contact with; just because they have essentially permanent employment and get away with it. In the meantime, the general public has to put up with the attitude because they need to have something done. Please do not get me wrong, the vast majority of people working in government enjoy what they are doing and are very helpful to the public.  Regrettably, all it takes is that one self-important employee at the counter to make everyone’s experience miserable.

Another example of a power crazy person would be a boss who feels it is in the best interest of the company and him or herself to browbeat the people under them. This manager is usually extremely insecure, has personal issues and has the power and need to take their miserable life out on the employees who work under their management. This type of boss will continuously bully workers in the organization and the revolving door type of situation arises were no one stays at the company because the morale is so low. Unfortunately, by the time the upper management in the organization is fully aware of the megalomaniac tendencies of the boss, many outstanding workers have left and the atmosphere in the particular department is so toxic that a major overhaul is needed to revamp the remaining workers view back to a positive outlook towards the company.

The worst examples of out of control power would be the various tyrants such as Adolf Hitler of Germany, Idi Amin of Uganda and Pol Pot of Cambodia who have been responsible for acts of genocide and crimes against humanity. There are other instances thru history were leaders of countries were not committing evil on such a grand scale as the above examples, but their malicious intentions were also possible because they were in positions of power.

Some men who become leaders also have a tendency to develop an extreme narcissistic personality and their ego gets the best of them and they end up doing something stupid. Probably the most common way that power goes to a man’s head is in the form of some type of a sexual scandal. It is truly amazing to witness time and again a high profile, highly successful, extremely powerful man at the height of their career, get caught up in some sort of sexual improprieties. Years ago, embarrassing occurrences could just be swept under the rug, but today every move that a public figure makes is constantly under the microscope. Over and over,, powerful men still think that they are above it all flying higher and mightier than the average person and then let sexual desire get the best of them. Then bam their entire powerful world comes crashing down.

Women for some reason do not usually spectacularly implode at the height of their power. It could be  because of the more difficult climb up the ladder of power and breaking thru the glass ceiling of being in a predominantly man’s world in areas such as finance, politics, etc.  Another reason that men in power crash  far more often than women, could also be that as a whole worldwide men are more machismo, bigger risk takers and more self-destructive then women. Some females in power because of their abrasive demanding personalities or just because of being a woman in power are called a bitch. Many females who are in positions of power and influence are not any more difficult to work with or more forceful than a man in that same position, but because of being a woman, there are built in stereotypes that suggest that if a women is too difficult than she’s an out of control manager. Women in positions of power have to walk a very fine line in order to not come across too abrasive.

Power comes with responsibility. Most people who are in positions of power handle it gracefully, while other people allow their authority to go to their head. Further, a leader of a nation has the entire population of that country’s future resting on their shoulders. During their time in power, a president, prime minister or other titled leader of a nation should put their petty insecurities aside and concentrate on doing what is absolutely the best for the people. Regardless of how powerful the nation is, the person in charge of a country must be not only intelligent, experienced and strong, but also at the same time wise and benevolent. Historically, as well as during the present time, too many leaders of nations display tremendous strength without compassion towards mankind. Hopefully, as information continues to flow more freely and quickly around the globe, leaders of nations will be held more accountable for abuse of power. It is vital that the internet  remain free from control of governments trying to restrict use by its citizens. The unrestricted flow of information and communication among the people of the world is imperative going forward to limit the powerful from dominating the freedoms of the general public who do not have great power.

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