Photographer Remi Chapeaublanc is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project  ‘The Last Tsaatan’.  To see Remi’s  body of work click on any image.






Tsaatan people are nomadic reindeer herders, straddling the border of Northern Mongolia. Amounting to no more than 282 people in the world, this tribe’s way of life has been disrupted by the transformation of its ancestral land into a national park. Hunting, passage and woodcutting are now prohibited there; total bans contradict their centuries-old traditions.

With this new photo series, Remi raises concerns about the future of the Tsaatan people, dealing with the tide of modernity in Mongolia, each year distancing them a little further from their traditional way of life. If the tribe accepts and even laughs at technological progress, it flatly rejects urban life, and opinion is divided regarding tourism. Their life in the Taiga represented absolute freedom. Now it is complex and in particular threatened.








All images © Remi Chapeaublanc



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