Photographer Massimo Mastrorillo  is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the ‘Indonesia | Just Another Day’ project.  To see Massimo’s  body of work click on any image.






The project  “Indonesia:Just another Day” aims to report some of the problems afflicting this country in the aftermath of the tsunami tragedy.

Even aside from the effects of the tsunami the natural environment also takes a battering. In Pekanbaru and East Java oil extraction causes immense damage to the environment. Seeing that, one almost gets the impression that with the tsunami fickle and feminine nature wanted to take an anticipated revenge on man and his destructive ability. This story links to the one of Banda Aceh and to the area hit by the tragedy of the tsunami although there seems to be no connection between the two. In fact, in Pekambaru, in East Java and Papua the environmental destruction is the work of man, whereas in Banda Aceh it is the work of nature. However, the area of Aceh has been at war with the Indonesian government for years for reasons that, officially, are explained as a desire for independence by the inhabitants of that region but which, in reality, are linked to the sure presence of rich petroleum reservoirs. It almost seems as though nature wanted to anticipate what man ʼs actions would perform elsewhere.







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By Massimo Mastrorillo