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Structured as a daily life storyteller, ‘The Human Condition eBook Series’ will aim to offer more opportunities for photographers from all over the world, to publish their work.

Photography is essential in the  documentation of  life.  Boundaryless, photography has the power of depicting culture in any language. Suffering and happiness see no faith, race, or geography.  These emotions are the same regardless of the landscape.

A well written article electrifies our brains.  Poetry as a medium to describe human condition pierces our hearts and rips the insides of our guts.  Expressed with surgical precision and with metaphoric expressions, the fewer words in poetry lingers…

Passionate points of view make a better world for all of us. As an editor,  I tear apart imposed publishing restrictions and bring to life uncensored stories. Edge of Humanity Magazine must remain 100% neutral, refusing social, political or religion entanglements.



Content of the eBooks:

The eBooks in the ‘Human Condition Series’ will contain about 100 pages (half ‘Human Condition Poetry/Stories’ and half photography).

Each photograph will have its own page.

Each ‘Human Condition Poem/Story ‘ will have its own page.

‘The Hermit Poet’ (exclusive on Edge of Humanity Magazine) will provide half of the content for each eBook in the series.












Future eBook projects




A collection of street photography scenes

Composed of a worldwide selection of edgy & artsy street perspectives, daily life encounters,  portraits & ‘Human Condition Poetry by The Hermit Poet’.




A collection of fine art, faceless portraits, and landscape photography 

Composed of men and women stories narrated by a poet in his fifties.  The selected poems/short stories explore togetherness, loneliness, married life, single life, nightlife, and sexual encounters around the world, as well as other issues. The content can be fun and sometimes old fashion; from a man’s perspective, who also has an understanding of women’s views.


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