Photographer Stefano Bonazzi is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  From the project ‘THE LAST DAY ON EARTH’To see Stefano’s body of work, click on any photograph.


The Voyager II


The Glory Box


The Cemetery Of Umbrellas II


The Girl Part


Fantasy becomes reality, or rather imposes itself. The imagined identity has seized the body and its materiality tilts from a dream to absurdity. The dream, poetic nonsense, dies from the seriousness of the one who wants to live. Our childish schizophrenia is a door, a possibility, but loses its magic as soon as it becomes a socket, a certainty.

Identity redemption can only live in intimacy. Like a revealed secret, it becomes empty of its meaning and its essence in contact with reality.

My creative path winds through the representation of tormented states of mind, but never definitive. I am fascinated by the infinite shades in between that color our contemporary life, I love the gray rather than black and white. The feelings of anxiety and discomfort, which in some way belongs to each of us, as well as the approach we have about death are the focal points around my work.


The Cemetery Of Umbrellas


The Dreamer


The Land Of Chairs


The Playgrounds


The Voyager


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