Photographer Gael Bonnefon is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the project ‘ELEGY FOR THE MUNDANE ’.  To see Gael’s body of work, click on any image.





Eyes open on the unsteadiness of a race, hold your breath, passing through rooms of solitude the horizon balks, the step falters. A reeling world reflects upon the eye. Only in gasping flight can you grasp at an understanding ; stop somewhere only to accept uncertainties, forever pushed to the brink of your weakness. Gazes shout out to us, savage, absorbed in the contemplation of their own emptiness, imperfect gestures take shape, cries smother themselves in the opaqueness of a deaf world. Taking part in the mechanics of downfall, Gaël Bonnefon’s photographic gesture freezes the exhaustion of these idle nights with tenacity. Drawn in by the never ending turmoil he participates in this cycle in which everything dies and is reborn over and over again. Practicing a head-on hunt without concession, damaging the scenes he comes across, animal-like, he insolently scours the mundane in order to reveal its irreversibility, pointing out it’s rules and workings. Giving in to the tireless scansion of shelled nights, his pupil sharpens and his body is urged on.

Text by Mickael Soyez







All images © Gael Bonnefon



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