Photographer Gianluca Ceccarini @ Sarab Collective is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project ‘Chupanan’.  To see Gianluca’s projects, click on any image.






Chupanan is the  fārsī  word for shepherds.

Reza’s family renews every year the ancient practice of Transhumance moving the herds from the pastures of the valleys to the mountains.



Their ‘orom’ (hut) was built with mud and straw in the beautiful valley at the eastern end of the Elburz Mountains.  The dwelling is surrounded by cattle pens.

During their stay in the mountains they take care of the flocks, produce honey, cheese, a bread cooked under the embers of the fireplace, yogurt and kashk a preparation based on fermented yogurt.




In their free time they play Nay, the reed flute of the Persian musical tradition.”




All images © Gianluca Ceccarini



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