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Daily stretches


Filmmaker & Photographer Ryan Harding is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the book/project ‘Old People in Parks’To see Ryan’s body of work, click on any image.


Polkadot granny


See the light




Hide and seek


Old People in Parks 《公园老人》 is a photo essay celebrating the largest demographic of park-dwellers in China: the elderly. As a frequent patron of parks in China, I became fascinated with the swathes of elderly people there who frequently exercise, socialise and relax in the most peculiar of ways. Whether they are pampering their dogs, sleeping in awkward positions, or singing and dancing the night away, there is seemingly nothing age prevents them from doing. Even in retirement, they remain a testament to one of the hardest working nations on Earth. Conducted over a period of 5 years, this project is a love letter to all the park-dwelling elderly folk I encountered along the way.


Nimble nanny


Back tree boys


Spider woman


Ribs of steel


How do you sleep?


All images & text © Ryan Harding




Old People in Parks 《公园老人》

Book By Ryan Harding



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