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“Do you know the story of the praying mantis? It raised its arm to stop an approaching carriage unaware that this was beyond its power. Such was its high opinion of itself.” 

Writing by: Chuang Tsu | Translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English


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Chuang Tsu / Inner Chapters (English and Mandarin Chinese Edition)






Hermit Poets comments: Having confidence is important to achieve results in life. However, being a narcissist and overconfident can lead to disaster. As I become older, I have a greater respect for what can and cannot be accomplished. Yes, tenacity is important, but there are also times to throw in the towel.








Fat cat elites

Float high


Balloon pops

 They fall from the sky

Data collection

Surveillance cameras






Dirty deeds

Can bring powerful to their knees


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