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On a warm spring day a few years ago, my mother got sick. My mother has had three interventions, she has been sterilized and nobody in my family ever said the word cancer aloud. The tumour appeared to me in the grace of a long scar that crosses her chest that she tried in vain to hide with her hands. The cancer came back a few years later. Even then my family closed their eyes.

The aesthetic models that society imposes on us want women as “perfect”, smooth, shiny. Such as plastic. But women are not like that, and especially what is denied in advertising (our great mirror of the society in which we live) and often in art is the disease.

With HER I want to tell the truth about the body of women: the scars, malformations or disease (tumour, anorexia or obesity) and changes the woman’s body. The body as a battlefield, where thousands of women every day are fighting fiercely.

Next to this intention belly and heart, there is also a reason to head: do it my way information and prevention. Young women are often not aware of the diseases of the body, the risk of a birth, the controls needed to be done as a routine.





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