Photographer and Producer Julien McRoberts  is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this  documentary photography.  From the project ‘Holy Week | Guatemala’.  To see Julien’s body of work, click on any image.






Holy Week -Semana Santa

Easter Week in Antigua, Guatemala is widely recognized as the most important religious celebration in all of the Americas.  During Easter Holy Week, the streets are filled with the countless brotherhood processions and numerous floats parading through town for three solid days starting at sunrise and going till late into the night.

The old cobblestone streets are full of devoted members of the brotherhoods holding candles waiting for the many floats to pass by. These magnificent structures hold centuries-old religious depictions while being carried by dozens of men and women in traditional attire of each brotherhood. A band follows each procession and the air is full of incense, making it sometimes difficult to breathe, let alone shoot.  It was truly a photographers dream to capture.







All images and text © Julien McRoberts



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