Gardening is very popular all over the world. Some grow to feed their families, while others grow not just for fresh fruit and vegetables, but also grow ornamental plants and for the enjoyment of having a home garden. Putting one’s hands into the soil brings about a large amount of personal satisfaction. Walking, bending, digging, raking, planting, and harvesting is not only fantastic exercise, but also clears the mind. Gardening is moving meditation. The Buddhist monks in Asia have known for centuries that gardening keeps the body and mind young. As stated in the book, The Chinese have a saying: “To be happy all your life, become a gardener.”

Vegetables | How to Select, Grow and Enjoy by Derek Fell is the first vegetable gardening book that I purchased. It is paperback, 192 pages, and printed in 1982. The book is loaded with full color photographs that were all taken by the author. The book is divided into ten chapters; examples include: planning your garden, soil, compost, fertilizer, seed starting and planting, water, weeds, mulch, pests and diseases, harvesting and storage, and edible herbs. The information is easy to understand and even though this is an old book, it still is useful for the beginner vegetable gardener. I highly recommend this book. After reading, one will be well on their way to growing vegetables in a home garden.



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