I love bromeliads. Bromeliads produce pups after pups and it is so much fun walking around the garden and always seeing new growth. If you seriously grow and collect these plants, the garden will become a mind-bending texture and multi-color fantasy paradise. The missus and I have been collecting and growing these plants for around 15 years and have accumulated 100’s of bromeliads (lost track of different types) in the garden. Also, I have seen over and over, people who start to collect and grow these colorful odd plants, just keep on collecting.

About the book:

Bromeliads For The Contemporary Garden is a must have reference book if you are into collecting and growing these plants. It is 198 pages, hardcover, and full of color photos of the different genera of bromeliads. Areas covered include history, landscaping, genera, cultivation, propagation,etc. Some of the  following genera covered are : Aechmea, Alcantarea,  Billbergia, Canistropsis, Canistrum, Cryptanthus, Dykia, Fascicularia, Guzmania, Neomea, Norreglia, Orthophytum, Pitcairnia, Tillandsia, and Vriesea. The book is informative and also easy to read and I use it repeatedly as a reference. The photos and growing advice is extremely helpful to the gardener.



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Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden




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