Garden Book Review | Bananas You Can Grow By James W. Waddick and Glenn M. Stokes


My Comments:

I enjoy going out to the garden and cutting a huge heavy bunch of bananas off a plant and hang it on a wood back patio beam. As the bananas continue to ripen, I pull them off the stem and eat sweet fresh grown fruit. During the spring and summer rainy season, I fertilize heavy and observe the strong rains come down and  my heart goes flicker flicker watching the bananas grow new leaves, suckers, (new small plants) and produce fruit. I feel like I’m in a jungle. :):):):):)

The bananas in the store, just like the tomatoes, taste like cardboard. Personally, I cannot eat most store or most restaurant salad tomatoes. Decades ago, an old man said this to me: “I would not feed them to my hogs.” Fresh produce stands/markets can offer vine ripe tomatoes.

Garden grown bananas are sooooooooooooooo sweet that after eating them, a person will turn their nose up at store bananas. Also, when growing your own bananas, so many different varieties are available and each banana type has its own individual taste.


About the book:

Bananas You Can Grow is a small 128 paperback size book, but is full of information. The authors are experts on Bananas. Even though the book is small, it covers all the gardener needs to know about growing bananas. Some of the areas covered include, cultivation, propagation, growing bananas in different climates, genera, species, cultivars, recipes, and a USDA Hardiness Zone Map. The book is full of color photos. Each banana type has its own picture. Examples include: Cavendish, Brazilian, Ice Cream, Monkey Fingers, African Rino Horn, Grand Nain -also known commercially as Chiquita, etc. Bottom line, if you want to grow bananas then this book is a must for your library.


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