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Glitter Palace is a series of photos representing French drag queens. These images highlight the spirit of the performer, through a pose, gesture or subtle expression. Like many transvestite personalities, all subjects created their own look, from clothes to hair and makeup.

Drag-queens in France have very low visibility. In fact, few people understand what this subculture implies, and what it means to voluntarily dress as a woman, in a club, once the night comes. Most people think they are depraved, if not prostitutes. Linked to the world of celebration, but also to the fight against discrimination and gender categorization, drag culture can also be a form of social engagement.

A drag queen is always a man in everyday life. It’s not like being trans, when you “feel” born in a body that doesn’t correspond to your real sex.

The purpose of this photo series is to focus on profiles of people who live in worlds outside the hinges and whom many consider unreasonable.







All images and text © Jeff Tinard



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