Documentary and Fine Art Photographer Ivanka Zagorska is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the book/project ‘Revival’.  To see Ivanka’s body of work, click on any image.





‘Revival’ is a documentary project influenced by the tragic loss of my mother due to cancer in 2017.  Directly or indirectly, the disease engulfs all those involved. It leaves a mark not only on our bodies, but our lives as well. Witnessing the pain and death of a loved one is something even time cannot heal. However, this photographic series is not concerned with the severe consequences of the disease. Instead, the work entails a narrative of the optimistic outcome of the battle with cancer, indistinguishable from the sense of unity, provoking an awareness that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Frightened by a life-threatening disease, we often forget what matters most – love and family. Embracing the struggle can allow us to evaluate these values in a new light.





Beauty and feminism manifest through black and white intimate portraits of Loralie, a young cancer survivor. Reflecting on her personal experiences while facing a shocking reality, this memoir revolves around the notion of reviving existence and self-affirmation. The expression of bravery, beliefs, faith and hope has also been embedded in this series.

Closely linked to her physical and emotional wellbeing, Loralie’s strong connection with family, friends and God continues to play a significant role in her revival.

Fashion portraiture and still close-ups blend with the documentary memoir, being the primary focus of the work. Some photographs have symbolical meanings, while others embody the experiences and emotions of post-cancer patients. Regardless, this is a story for everyone.





All images and text © Ivanka Zagorska



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