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Through intimate personal portrayals using photography and honest and poignant storytelling, Earshot takes us into the world of deafness, and brings to light a myriad of experiences and issues surrounding this complex theme – everything from the daily reality of hearing aids, cochlear implants, lip reading and Auslan, to personal stories of overcoming adversity and celebrating differences. It takes an issue which is often seen as taboo and presents it in a way that allows us to reflect upon our prejudices and gently guides us towards understanding the other.

Diagnosed with hearing loss at three years of age and fitted with hearing aids when she was 10, photographer and author Kate Disher-Quill spent her childhood, adolescence and early adulthood feeling ashamed and in denial of her deafness. She concealed it for over 16 years, which included hiding the many pairs of hearing aids she was fitted with. A simple, yet pivotal experience of reading an article about another young deaf photographer, led her down a path of self acceptance and ultimately left her questioning: how could the power of photography and visual storytelling change our perception of deafness and hearing loss?

The driving force was to create a book for her younger self – something that would have helped her accept her hearing loss much earlier. Not only a joy to read and a visually enriching experience, Earshot compels the reader, as it educates, empowers and connects us all.







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