The United States needs to stop playing around and secure its border. The US has to concentrate on its own problems and for the foreseeable future does not have the resources to just open the floodgates and allow illegals to cross over with impunity.  The country currently cannot take care of its own citizens. America is deeply in debt to the tune of 22 trillion dollars and the number is second by second going up to the point that the long term fiscal well being of the country is in danger.

Central American countries are havens for drug gangs that work for the large Mexican drug cartels that control the flow of illicit contraband such as narcotics, coming into America. How many illegals from these Central American countries coming into the US are affiliated with drug gangs? Are any of the illegals going to work for the drug traffickers when situated in the United States?

It is a tragic what is happening in Central America because of the violence and the economic situation. Nobody wants to be heartless, but if the United States just rolls over and allows all of the illegals to live in the USA; the word will continue to spread like wildfire, that the American’s are marshmallows and the border will continue to be overrun. No country in the world allows an unlimited open border.


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