Saying something hurtful to a good friend or someone you love is completely different than just having a heated argument with that person. Words cut and they cut deep; especially if spoken in a tone that is condescending and spiteful. Nothing can ruin a very close relationship like nasty words being said by one person to another person. Hitting the destroy all button and saying things without thinking and driving those words deep into the heart of the other person can not only bring the other person to tears, but the words could hurt the other individual so badly that forgiveness takes a tremendous amount of time or maybe that person who is hurt builds up such a wall that they will never forgive or forget. Tearing down that wall of emotional pain can be a monumental process that may never be completely demolished since the wounded person may forever hold onto a crushed block or two in their heart.

It is so important to watch which words are spoken during a heated argument. Take time to think things through before spitting out venom that could permanently end a relationship. Walk away! Lose the argument if necessary, or else you could greatly regret saying something so poisonous that you completely lose someone forever.


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