Information today is very powerful and spreads like wildfire. Because of the internet (social media), portable devices, and the twenty four hour news cycle, information whether factual or not, can reach millions of people within minutes .

Unfortunately, fake news can be used for evil and corrupt purposes. Hate groups, terrorist groups, countries, and individuals are using social media to further their causes and broadcast their propaganda. The internet is also used as a platform to recruit new members into terrorist organizations. Social media is an open forum were people from all over the world can be brainwashed into following and joining hate and terrorist groups.

Positively, the movement of data, opinions, photographs, and video across the internet and then in turn picked up by other media sources, give people the voice that they did not have years ago. The oppressed and disadvantaged today can toot their horn to the entire world about their plight. Dictators, corrupt officials, companies, organizations, and dysfunctional governments are now under the magnifying glass more than ever. However, this free movement of information will not last. The powerful will continue to lock-down the net because of the threat to their existence. Further, personal data will continue to be vacuumed up and examined by artificial intelligence to control the population.





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