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“We are all a paycheck away from homelessness!” Said a woman waiting in line next to me.  She was intense, wearing a uniform and ready for a day’s work in a nearby medical office.

Living in a hurricane belt I think “We are all a tempest away from being houseless”.

But the wealthy are buying an abundance of land, building luxury bunkers, and trying to speed up their way off of this earth by going to live in space and worry about both.




Seeing an imminent need to slow down the masses, the powerful tiptoe around the idea of instituting a Universal Basic Income to ease the pain caused by the catastrophic unemployment expected, as robots and AI marches on devastating life as we know. But which kind of society will be created?

Scenario #1

Will the citizens become amateur historians, artists, and social issues’ bloggers, and cultivate their own fruits and vegetables, in the name of good health?

Will their daily routine start with a morning stretch and exercise?

Scenario #2

Will the rapid increase of the couch potatoes and rocking chair lifestyle folks, contribute to uncontrollable rise of ignorance followed by physical and mental illness?


In any scenario you can hold on to our shorts and count on the following:

My Phone, My Friend

Go ahead, slobber yourself all over it.  Your phone will be here forever, with a masturbation attachment coming soon.  The universal powers need a tool to keep track of our every movement, induce fear and consequently shoot us down at will.  Phones will be awesome and free.

Home Sweet Home

House ownership will become a thing of the past as insurance premiums become prohibitive with the multitude of natural disasters.  There will be no need for the home improvement centers selling fancy granite counter-tops and sinking tubs, as the occupants will learn to patch the house back together as our ancestors did for centuries. Also on the same sinking boat, financial institutions, real-estate brokers, etc… the large majority will no longer be needed.

My Red Hot Wheels

The mixture of car sharing rides, and a recently created extremely low income society, will shrink the automobile industry to bits.  Financial services already hurt by the lack of house sales will see further declines and taxes to governments will trickle to almost nothing.  Also expected is a complete devastation for many small businesses associated with the industry.

Our Daily Bread

“You have three minutes to retrieve your food box”

Said the sexy female voice out of my phone and running out to the curb I go.  For the citizen’s convenience groceries are selected and dropped at the curb by Walmart from a self driving vehicle.


Now you no longer have a choice of selecting from twenty different brands of ketchup or two hundred styles of tennis shoes.  What are those self driving trucks that took your uncle’s job hauling today? Did the universal powers ever spend the time to think this through or the dividends offered just blind them from seeing the future?

And back to scenario #1; if you plan to educate yourself and share your frustrations with social injustice online, keep in mind that today, claiming freedom of speech and complaining about censorship, internet thought-provoking websites and publishers  are already on egg shells when posting controversial material on social media. Do you really think governments will allow free speech and assembly to organize online?


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