I have a personal form of meditation which is very effective for relieving my stress. I sit on a cushion, eyes closed, in a half lotus position, with my back completely straight. I sometimes use the Tibetan Master Chants CD by Lama Tashi.


Tibetan Master Chants


If I do not chant, I just settle into concentrating on my breathing and slowly start to drift into a relaxed state with my mind getting a much needed rest. If I’m chanting with the Tibetan Buddhist CD by Lama Tashi, I choose one track and hit the repeat button. I focus on saying the chant over and over and over in harmony with the Tibetan Buddhist monk chanting. After several minutes, I’m able to drift into a deep state of meditation. If I do not use the Tibetan Buddhist chanting Cd, it will take me longer to settle down my jumping so called monkey mind. Eventually, even without the CD, I do calm down and the mind, body and spirit align together as one peaceful unit.




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