Photographer Yasunori Murayama is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  From the ongoing project ‘Moonless Moonlit Nights’To see Yasunori ’s body of work, click on any photograph.






I live in Yokohama, which is neighboring city of Tokyo.  Commuter trains around this area are frequently packed especially after 5 PM. Commuters pay no attention to external environment flicking through some websites with tired eyes, dozing or lost in thought. Many lives are going on outside of the train. And the layered visual with the personal lives and the reflection of group of people with no interest in others look metaphor of our society to me.

These photos were taken in single exposure. The visual is nothing special always just in front of you but if you don’t notice it, you wouldn’t see it.  I’m trying to show a fact that there is a different perspective.







All images  and text © Yasunori Murayama



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By Yasunori Murayama