Finding decent paying professional jobs and upward mobility is not very promising in the Middle East and North Africa. Yes, education is available, but once completing a university degree it is still difficult for a person to get on their feet. It is especially problematic for the young men trying to earn enough money to start a family. Unemployment is high and without connections a person must start at the bottom of the ladder. It is even difficult for men and women who have been in the workplace for years to become financially stabilized.

Until the leaders of countries in the region begin to take seriously the lack of opportunities for young people in their nations, social unrest, discontentment, and radical extremism, will continue to proliferate. Having an iron fist on the population and continuing to allow widespread crony corruption without spreading around the wealth, will persist in festering unhappiness among the population.

People struggle to make a decent living.  Food and other items continue to go up in cost while by in large most of the region continues to fall way behind the rest of the world in political freedom and economic advancement. Every day, the young adults become more frustrated since they are the ones who spend the most time on social media. They see that their life is more difficult than many other young people around the world. Unfortunately, disruptions and violence will continue to occur as long as the rulers bury their heads in the hot desert sand and carry on holding the people down


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