Artist and Educator Sarah Horan is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  From the  ‘LA PETITE MORT’ series.  To see Sarah’s body of work, click on any photograph.










Throughout the course of our lives, we experience changes, which affect us so deeply, that in many ways, it feels as though a death of sorts has occurred. Whether it be the ending of a relationship, moving from an area which you have grown to call home or even the actual death of a loved one, each represent an irrevocable shift which in turn, inevitably changes us. In this series entitled, ‘La Petite Mort,’ deceased creatures are represented, honored and immortalized through the use of a flatbed scanner. As with these lives which have been lost, the small deaths we experience should also be remembered and enshrined as part of our life’s journey. In French, ‘la petite mort,’ literally translates the, “the little death,” but is also a term referring to an orgasm; representing the beginning of life. Although loss of life and life changes are certain, it is pertinent that life will evolve, regardless of our wants. Inevitably, new life will always follow a prior death.






Snake Final






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