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The 36 Secret Strategies Of The Martial Arts

The Classic Chinese Guide for Success in War, Business, and Life

By: Hiroshi Moriya

Forward And Translation By: William Scott Wilson

Published By: Kodansha International

Page 89


Sun Tzu said the following:

“The wise person will inevitably think of things from the two aspects of loss and gain. If he will do so, events will progress smoothly. Conversely, when one suffers a loss, he should consider it from the aspect of receiving some gain from that loss. If he will do this, he will easily bring the event to a conclusion without being troubled.”


Hermit Poet’s Comments: Throughout our lives, we are faced with many types of loss.  If I made a bad decision and lost opportunity, time, or money, I will analyze how I went wrong and make sure I do not repeat the same mistake again. Further, I try to gain more knowledge because of the loss.  I’m also careful to not allow others to use up my time, energy, and emotions.  Developing strong intuition skills is very helpful.


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