Commercial, Industrial and  Documentary Photographer Rick Booth is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project  ‘Life, Death & Magic On The Road To The Isles’.  To see Rick’s body of work, click on any image.


Midsummer’s day 2019. A local woman walks to meet her daughter at Camusdarach on the ‘Road to the Isles’. June 2019


Boys fishing on the pier at Mallaig harbour. Midsummer June 2019


Inside Saint Mary and St Finnan church. Glenfinnan. June 2019


Friends enjoy a dram on midsummer’s day. Camusdarach camp site. June 2016


‘The Road to the Isles’

Is this the closest we Scots have to the legendary Route 66? I walked and hitch-hiked the road on midsummer weekend to see who was out there and to take the nations temperature.

The jaunty song of the same name is a hundred years old or more and tells the story of a mans keen-striding homecoming, across the heather back to his loving mother. It kept up the troops morale in the trenches and is sung by Scots all over the world.  Billy Connolly sings a less syrupy version. Our neighbours to the South are demonstrating how dangerous it is to believe our own propaganda.

The road – A830 – passes the ‘Hogwarts express’ viaduct and (a stones throw down the glen) the spot where Bonnie Prince Charlie, newly arrived from France, began the Jacobite rising. A little further down the road is the place he left Scotland for the Continent after it’s defeat. The ebb and flow of history is visible at every turn.

Over the centuries it’s been the seaways that have connected Scotland with the outside world – the Road to the Isles is only the beginning.


Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.. A camper van driver raises a v-sign and parks in a prohibited zone next to two Stuttgart registered Porches at a lay-by in the Scottish highlands June 2019


Artist Pamela Johnson makes a start on a new work. Arisaig. June 2019


Morag Mackenzie cleans up hedge trimmings for her neighbour in Arisaig. June 2019


A note left in the rotten core of a fence post. Arisaig. June 2019


Boys fishing on the pier at Mallaig harbour. Midsummer June 2019


A local man strolls along the ‘Road to the Isles’ between Fort William and Mallaig, Scottish highlands, June 2019


All images and text © Rick Booth



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