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Beyond The Known | The Ultimate Goal Of The Martial Arts By Tri Thong Dang

Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle Company

“At a certain level, the best explanation is not to explain at all, and the highest communication is silence.”

Page 48


Hermit Poet’s Comments:

Today, the world is full of endless chatter. On TV and throughout the internet, people are giving uninformed or agenda based opinions on just about everything.  Further, narcissism used to be practiced occasionally, but now with social media it has become epidemic.

I believe that social media has reached its peak and will rapidly go into an accelerating downward spiral. People are finding out that being the greatest online is not what life is about. Moreover, individual blogs and websites were folks can post their creativity and not have to worry about social media will be the trend going forward.


Beyond the Known: The Ultimate Goal of the Martial Arts (Tuttle Classics)


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