The Suffering Of Light | Thirty Years Of Photographs By Alex Webb With Afterword By Geoff Dyer | Photography Book Recommendation By Edge Of Humanity Magazine


If you are going to purchase only one photography book by Alex Webb; this would be the book to buy. It is  very heavy and extra large. I have other books by Alex Webb, but this one is a nice overall representation of thirty years of his work.  The weight of the book is 4.7 lbs (hardcover) and the dimensions are 13.2″ X .9″ X 12.2″. (one large photograph per page) The publisher is Aperture. (2011) The book contains 204 pages of street photography depicting daily life, as well as photojournalism color images. Every single photograph is museum quality. 

Alex Webb’s images lock in the viewer with rich colors and complex compositions. This is the type of photography that demands your full attention. I can spend a couple of minutes looking at a photo and then come back to the same image another time and find something I missed.  Serious photographers should study this book.

The Suffering of Light includes images from countries such as Haiti, Spain, Barbados,Grenada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, Panama and Turkey. Rating is 10+ out of 10. 



Alex Webb: The Suffering of Light

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