Photographer Thomas Bertie Taylor is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of  this documentary photography.  From the ‘Life under the flight path & the plane spotters of London Heathrow’ series.    To see Thomas’s body of work, click on any image.






How would you feel about living just a stone’s throw away from Europe’s busiest airport?
Myrtle avenue is just a hundred or so yards from the southern runway at Heathrow airport.
Planes take off and land every forty five seconds and the grass area at the end of the road has become a popular location for plane spotters.
I have been visiting Myrtle avenue and the surrounding area to speak to residents and the people who work under the flight path to document what life is like on possibly the noisiest street in Britain.

This series takes an artistic look at life on the street and surrounding area, featuring images that don’t look quite real, as if the planes have been super imposed into the frame.






All images and text © Thomas Bertie Taylor