Garden Book Review | An Encyclopedia Of Cultivated Palms By Robert Lee Riffle & Paul Craft


When designing a tropical garden, it is not only important to have low multicolored, multi-textured plants, but also tall vertical trees that give the garden the deep jungle look.  This is were palms come into play.  I have several different types of palms in my tropical garden that give that majestic look.

Placement and group planting make a tremendous difference in creating that one of a kind personalized tropical garden. Costs can be kept to only the purchase of the trees if the holes are dug by yourself. In fact, digging and planting every tree and plant in your garden will give you much personal Zen satisfaction. I love digging big holes and rolling and planting the trees myself. The hot sun and the sweat pouring from my body, while I get a workout, makes me feel ALIVE.

Moving on to the book review; An Encyclopedia of Cultivated palms is a heavy jammed packed book published by Timber Press that contains around 890 species and over 900 photos. The book is divided into an introduction, gallery of palms, palm descriptions (A-Z), pronunciation of scientific names, landscape lists, seed germination notes for selected Genera, conversion charts, bibliography, photo locations, and an index. The hardcover book contains a whopping 528 pages of everything a person would want to know about palms. The book is not only an excellent home reference for the tropical gardener or commercial landscape designer, but also a fantastic encyclopedia to use after visiting  a public tropical garden. I also spend some nights sitting in my recliner, smoking my pipe, and thumbing through the book educating myself on palms. This book is a must for your library if you are interested in jungles or tropical gardens.


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An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms





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