Photographer Fokion Zissiadis is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the project ‘THESSALONIKI PORT’To see Fokion’s body of work, click on any image.


Port Sunset View


Marie Aude


Crain Forest


Train Wagons


The Port

… there, to the west of Thessaloniki,  at the water’s edge, the city port in the twilight… All the machinery and equipment one would expect at such a location: ships at their moorings, cables and ropes stretched taut, cranes, passages and pathways through the maze, railway wagons on their rails…

Not a human figure in sight… everything suspended in absolute immobility.

A sense of energy frozen, time ceased, place undefined, which lends an element of drama to the gigantic, elevated equipment, like great beasts waiting a command to spring into action!
The scene is bizarre, unfamiliar… a world of cyclopean machines leading their own autonomous existence, unchallenged, supreme rulers, against a background of sea and sky, among the huge and ever-shifting heaps of minerals in transit.




Canon Tubes


Panorama View


Panorama View


Port of Thessaloniki


The photographer’s eye has transformed these elements into scenes of an unsettling time, ‘metallic’, almost unearthly, clearly expressing a conviction that each photograph is a fantastic narrative, presented as a real scene in some alternative world…


Text by Thalea Stephanidou


All images © Fokion Zissiadis



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