Typing on a laptop and desktop is by far the most productive tools for me as a writer. I also love using two other tools. Firstly, I find that writing by hand, on a steno pad, with a bold blue color #2  pen gives me more inspiration than sitting robotic and rigid at a computer keyboard. The words just seem to flow when I’m writing by hand.  When I’m in the zone, it is very difficult to keep up, because my thoughts are coming out faster than I can write. Creating poems or general writing with a pen and a pad brings the art of writing back to its original archaic form that is not only simplistic, but also grounds me to the root of creativity.

The gadgets used are not the source of the originality. Unfortunately, when I lean towards becoming more high tech, the less spontaneity I find in my poetry. Further, writing with just a pad and pen is also extremely portable and streamlined in the sense that I can just throw a small pad in my pocket with a pen and can easily write on the go. I like to write while riding a bus or train, at the beach, in a park, under a big shady tree, or at just about any location outdoors. It is really inspirational for me to have a light strapped to my forehead, sitting on my back porch, scribbling away on my pad. I also love to write during summer nights, while it is raining and the toads are making croaking sounds.

The manual typewriter is another tool that I use for my writing. Tapping away on the keys of my manual typewriter loaded with a crisp new sheet of paper is a great way to compose new material. I hear the sound of the typewriter interacting with my fingers and the paper. My old manual typewriter is almost a mystical piece of equipment. It contains no gimmicks; just brute metal that I use as a tool to pound out poems like a construction worker using a jack hammer chipping away at concrete. While typing away on my heavy duty typewriter, I dig deep into my brain to pull out those hard thought single word nuggets that link together to create my vision on paper. Total raw emotion! I’m just a man with a machine eliminating all modern technology.

Regrettably, today because of time constraints, I have to do more of my writing on either my laptop or desktop. However, I will continue to write by hand and use a manual typewriter, but probably less often in the future. This semi Luddite is slowly being pulled out of his cave kicking and screaming every step of the way as I’m becoming increasingly technologically inclined. I will never completely capitulate and become  captive to the endless amounts of devices that are everyday becoming available to the consumer. I will pick and choose my battles and only use what apparatuses will absolutely make my life easier, while at the same time, not complicate my life too much, or take away the beauty of using antiquated tools.


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