“Calculator” ranks 22 on the list of the top 100 Google searches.  We look for assistance to calculate things in our lives 22,470,000 times as of October 2019.  This list is dominated by brand names not subject matters such as health or politics.

What these numbers say about us?

Is the access to all this information on apps making us lazy?


Excerpt from earlier article:

“During my school years, the calculator was an item of desire. It was the forbidden gadget, inside and outside of the classroom.  Like the other students with paper, pencil, and yes my brain, I labored over long math equations asking myself over and again. When am I going to ever use this?”

Turn A Right? Left? Got an App for that?

End of excerpt


Studies show that the adult’s ability of performing simple math is declining.

“…In many other countries, the situation is even worse. Four in every 10 adults in places such as England, Canada, Spain and the US can’t make this straightforward calculation – even when they had a calculator to hand…”



Is our inability to recognize that many financial offers are designed to fail their customers is the reason why we keep getting deeper and deeper in to debt?


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