The painful dump of Christmas sales in 2008 is over a decade old and the predictions for 2019 are astonishing.  We spent a whopping one trillion dollars last Christmas and bracing for yet another wave of debt, Americans are again predicted to surpass another trillion of dollars this season, which is just under a thousand dollars per family.

Is this Christian Holiday still about the birth of Jesus?

Or have the flock celebrating the event evolved into brainwashed beings in a rush to see how much money they can spend, regardless of what they can actually afford when life goes back to normal on January 2nd?


Excerpt from an earlier article:

“The total household debt as of the 2ND quarter of 2019 is US$13.86 trillion. In 2008, when the chandeliers blasted off the ceilings, we owed US$11.5 trillion.

Keep on spending…”

A Decade Later | How Americans React To A Financial Crisis



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