Built out of inanimate structures, a city and its citizens carry on an unparalleled relationship where the city shelters and allows movement while humans give the metropolis a pulse.  Yes, these massive concrete structures are alive.  They tease us with their unexplored areas and challenge us to capture daily life in their noxious and dangerous corners.

As a medium for storytelling, cities depict societies of the present and the past.  Traditional parades, historic landmarks, clear lakes, or open sewerage, a blue sky, or pollution so heavy one cannot see or even breathe.  The city’s tales can bringing joy or rage to its citizens, but also serve as irreplaceable witness of human occupation.

The people moving around these massive cement structures bring with them a daily display of what life is at the moment in history.  Humans help the city reflect the society within their borders.  The anxiety present in a city can be seen by analyzing people’s patience toward each other and the tone of their voice.

Helped by their driver’s love affair with their horns, some cities can shout ‘I’m alive’ with its frenzy that can only be awaken by the smell of food, Oh! The aroma of bread baking…

Some cities are sprinkled with ancient history on their cobblestones.  In others, their power grids bleed of poverty and oppression of it citizens depicted in tall divided walls and murals. This cultural richness can be found in open air, and is for the taking. Street photography allows the integration of structure and flesh to show the life we live today by documenting our history for tomorrow.



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Edge of Humanity Magazine Curator Services


Although photography alone can tell a good part of the story, there are other factors that artists often overlook.

During their search for the best light or the truth, photographers sweat in the heat and shrivel in the cold.  They smell the stench and enjoy the aroma of flowers. They are welcomed and frowned upon. The experiences of being there and the desire to tell the story carried on by pride for their labor of love and expectations that when finalized, the work will be fair to the subject and make a difference, can be overwhelming.

A fresh eye is necessary to organize the delivery of that material, in a fashion that is easy to follow, and yet has impact, by holding the spectators’ attention to the message one wishes to convey. This is when a curator comes into place. Unattached, the curator selects images aiming to promote engagement and consequently readers’ awareness.

Below is a list of services that from time to time you may need. Just ask if you do not see the assistance you require. I’m very flexible!




Image Curation


Curation of no more than 100 images out of a collection not larger than 500 photographs

Images are delivered in sequence – primes on top


Image Curation & Titles For Artwork


Curation and titling of no more than 50 images out of a collection not larger than 100 photographs

Images are delivered with titles and in sequence – primes on top


Previously Translated Text Reviews For Websites, Books, And Projects

US$25 per hour / minimum US$50 per website, book, or project

It is common to see words out of context in automatically translated texts.  I will review the text and adjust the discrepancies as needed, in your already published website, book, or project. 

This service covers the review of multiple pages on a website or in a book.  Pages like about page, home page, and other pages that are NOT a full text or article pages.


Assistance Setting Up A Website, A Book, Or A Project

US$25 per hour / minimum US$100 per website, book, or project

All the services I offer can be used in the process of publishing a website, project, or a book.  I’m NOT a website designer.

I can suggest titles for images (artwork), projects, series, chapters, and books that are descriptive and engaging.


Thank you very much

Joelcy Kay

Editor & Curator for Edge of Humanity Magazine




Documentary Photography * Fine Art Photography * Street Photography * Portrait Photography * Landscape Photography * Night Photography * Conceptual Photography * Travel Photography * Candid Photography Underwater Photography * Architectural Photography Urban Photography * Art * Digital Art



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