Photographer Diego Baravelli is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project ‘Aldeia Multiétnica ’.  To see Diego’s body of work, click on any image.


Bixku Pinuya, Yube Shawaya and Siam Pinuya are representatives of the Huni Kuin ethnic group.


This little Kayapó usually trains her traditional painting on dolls, gourds and pumpkins.
Inajá’s stalk is the “brush” that guarantees a precise and symmetrical stroke.
With a unique delicacy and technique almost as sharp as that of adults, today I was the “screen” for this precious training.


Karajá Group Headdress


Details of Krahô Ornaments


The Multiethnic Village is a territory in Chapada dos Veadeiros dedicated to the strengthening of cultures and political struggles of indigenous peoples and quilombola remnants, with principles of preservation, promotion and access to Brazilian material and immaterial heritage.

An 8-day meeting with the participation of 8 ethnic groups from different places in Brazil.

The documentation of the meeting comes as a way to reinforce the importance of the diverse indigenous cultures of the country.


The Pookwyj girl of Kraho ethnicity and her typical haircut.


Anuiá Amarü of the Yawalapiti ethnic group


Details of the body painting and ornaments of a Kayapó child during a bath in the river.


Tunkô and Cõrã, men of the Krahô ethnic group


Paparuto is a festive dish made by women from Krahô people. Banana leaves form the basis for a large wrap stuffed with grated cassava, meat, bananas or fish. Once sealed, the envelope is buried and covered by rocks that were previously heated in a campfire, cooking for almost 12 hours below ground.           


All images and text © Diego Baravelli



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