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Le Havre is a city situated in the North West France, in Normandy, which is best known for the port that is one of the largest in the country and 5th in northern Europe.

According to statistics of 2015 provided by ports de Paris it was leading container port for French foreign trade, leading port worldwide for wine and spirits, leading French port for the import and export of new vehicles, 2nd largest supply port for crude oil for the French domestic market.

By receiving tons of cargo every day Le Havre not only connects France to many places including the United States but also represents a gate to the world. Opened in 1524 Le Havre also gave and gives inspiration for many artists.

This project started as research of the industrial environment in the place that stays anonymous for most of the population but at the same moment attracts painters, writers and film directors.

It explores connections between nature, hand-made landscape and cultural symbols which associates with people’s identity. It searches for the proper light and exact time of the day. The project reflects moments of emptiness where containers, cars and buildings evoke the current state of globalization.

It is a diary where all details matters and every object has its importance and beauty. This is the story of colours, shapes and rapidly changing the urban environment where always there is a place for classic knowledge.







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