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Snow Cap Drive-In
Seligman, Arizona


Ariston Café
Litchfield, Illinois


Boots Court Motel
Carthage, Missouri


Wigwam Motel
Holbrook, Arizona


When traveling the American West, you are bound to come across Route 66, the Mother Road, sooner or later. In Kingman or Seligman, or perhaps in the Californian desert. This road and its history fascinated us so much that it became one of our major photographic interests in 2013.

We love photographing Route 66 as thoroughly as possible, but also getting in touch with the people who live and work along the road. These adventures let us experience true Small Town America, as well as many different landscapes, mom and pop businesses, roadside remains, lost places in the desert, old bridges and much more. Just as interesting are the more recent developments along the road: new faces and businesses popping up due to the popularity of Route 66, which is spreading all over the world.


Seligman, Arizona


Roy’s Motel and Café
Amboy, California


Gardner, Illinois


Tumbleweed Grill & Country Store
Texola, Oklahoma


Yellowhorse Trading Post
Arizona/New Mexico border


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A Matter of Time

Route 66 through the Lens of Change

Book By Ellen Klinkel & Nick Gerlich



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