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Precious Things reflects on the contours of materialistic desire and its relationship with the pursuit of happiness. It is an observation of the cult of technology as an extension of the human psyche, where consumer objects appear to channel, reflect, and feed on the emotions of its users.



Even when less visible, the presence of technologies is a constant that transforms our living environment, creating new visual landscapes and specific aesthetics that tinge and shape our everyday rituals. The blue light emanating from a TV screen permeates the scenes and reiterates this presence, harboring both positive and negative emotions, fears and dreams, humor and mystery.



Steeped in nostalgia, home electronics become the main subjects in open-ended narratives that incite the imagination of the viewer, while speaking of closeness, dependence, frustration, and ultimately happiness, that inherently relate with objects of desire, our precious things.






All images and text © Anabela Pinto



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