Photographer Manu De Caluwe is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project ‘Casa Fernanda’.  To see Manu’s body of work, click on any image.





“From Chili, to Belgium, to Cuba”

Fernanda her parents were refugees from Chili. After 2 years of imprisonment, her father decided to take his family to Belgium, where they lived there for 30 years. During this time Fernanda was born and our families became close. In 1982 they left to live in Cuba. Another 30 years later, I went to Cuba to get to know her and to listen to her story.

During the time I stayed in her house, near to Havana, I got to know her teenage son Gabriel and her little dog Valentino. Her oldest son is living in the USA.  Mostly, we talked about politics and the economic systems. This could lead to strong discussions.




On a monthly base, there is a food provisioning for families. The system establishes the rations each person is allowed to buy through the system, and the frequency of supplies.






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