Today, more than ever, because of great uncertainty, it is imperative to have the fingers on the pulse regarding which way the trend goes. Edge of Humanity Magazine will provide unbiased  global predictions covering a wide range of issues important to individuals, companies, institutions, and governments.

Our think tank type analysis is not academic. Instead, it includes forecasting international trends, from the perspective of laypersons that are well-informed, and have done extensive independent hard travel. The magazine investigates, dissects, and summarizes, how all the polished stones of the global puzzle move across the immense go board.

Most importantly, there is no paywall, only a donation button will be in place. If you the reader find the information valuable and wish to chip in to help, it will be greatly appreciated. All Articles in this series will be under the button “GLOBAL FORECASTING” at the top of the homepage. 


Edge of Humanity Magazine is an

independent nondiscriminatory platform

that has no religious, political, financial,

or social affiliations.

We are committed to publishing

the human condition,

the raw diverse global entanglement,

with total impartiality.



Thank you! 

Edge of Humanity Magazine Team


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