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Where the Blue Ends






My father once told me that my world is like a black and white image, but I guess my heart has found it´s own colours.

I began my Just Small Hiccups story after I moved back to my childhood home with my own family. I photographed the feelings that arose in the house full of memories, with it’s garden and the nearby forest. This photographic story is a poem, made from a deeply personal point of view, however portraying the universal feelings to understand life. With the pictures and texts, it addresses growing up, how we see ourselves and each other in a family.







smoke rises from the chimney
beckoning to warmth and safety

from cellar to attic
house full of hideouts

the core of the house changes
the warmth of the bedroom
transformed into my chilly office

build by my grandfather
abandoning the war for memories
items and furniture
made by measure

cabinets chest boxes
locks are always open
explored only by permission

I forget reality
stories live in me

house with a garden
woods stand sentinel

where my mother walked
paths formed
where I walked
paths got stronger
there my child plays
paths remain

if my house is my shelter
the woods are my castle
I build a nest in the castle

imagination as a friend
infinite woods
constellations guiding
searching for wisdoms of life

an unuttered permission
to hide secrets
confirmation for the same happiness


Won´t Abandon Red


You Me in You


I Know the Place that Isn´t


Moving Like Chameleon


All images and text © Anni Hanén



Just Small Hiccups

Book by Anni Hanén

Forewords Timothy Persons

Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, 2016



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