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With the Coronavirus hitting Vancouver for the past few weeks, the city is increasing cleaning protocols at all City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board and Vancouver Public Library facilities. The city is posting signage at all facilities reminding the public to stay away if they are feeling sick.  

Vancouver is activating the City Business Continuity plans to ensure they can maintain their core City services, such as water, sewers, police and fire. The city is also working with the business community to assess and understand economic impact and potential strategies.





Business break-ins have skyrocketed. Vancouver is reporting an increase of about 100 per cent over the last eight weeks compared to the same period last year. Close to 600 break-ins were reported. Between March 18 and April 15 shows an increase of 147 per cent. Many businesses have decided to board up their stores/businesses, to keep looters away. As a result, many local artists started painting murals on these, to make the streets more appealing and to add color to the empty streets.

The biggest concern is the most vulnerable in the lower east side. Vancouver is planning to relocate over 1,000 people who are homeless into vacant hotel rooms. The government is working with municipalities since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to secure 1,700 hotel and community centre spaces.






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