I never wrote poetry until August 2014. That was the month and year Edge of Humanity Magazine first published on the internet. Since August 2014, I have written over 1000 poems.

I never in my life had an interest in writing. I was too busy making a living and having fun. I’m also a Gemini and have unlimited curiosity about the world so my time is always stretched in different directions.

The missus and I still try to put crumbs on the table and have fun, but for the last several years I have also become a poet. My poetry is based loosely on my 58 years of life experiences.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for reading and all the support.




The Hermit Poet


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Originally published May 8, 2016



Put it on the bain marie

May not eat for another century

Spent winter in Romania

Hung out with vampires from Transylvania

Full blood transfusions made me live forever

But much crazier

Worked my way over to India

Met a snake charmer who was even zanier

He gave me a worn copy of the Tao Te Ching

Went home to Miami

Every day for one month

Sitting on the beach

Reading all 81 chapters of writing by Lao Tzu

No more luxuries for me

Decided to pawn off all of my bling

To this day for no reason

When drinking coconut water

Start to sing

The Star Spangled Banner

Oh say can you see

Numerous shrinks unable to help me

Bought old wood sailboat

Went off to sea

Made landfall here in Tahiti

Really enjoy your company

Please pour me some more tea



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The Hermit Poet




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